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Air Suspension


We make sure maximum results are obtained by taking care when selecting and fitting your kit to obtain the long life these kits are engineered for.

There are many benefits obtained by fitting either Polyair Leaf Springs or Polyair Coil Springs whether you are towing or general driving. Airbags were designed to level the vehicle to the original height up to 500kg of load.

If the comfort has gone from your ride you can confidently consider Polyair Suspension Kits – suitable for any 2WD or 4WD vehicles.

Some vehicles can be raised an additional 25mm when inflated with maximum air pressure and carrying minimum load.

Polyair increases the life of the shock absorbers
Polyair is easy to inflate by either using a hand pump or service station hose (as you would fill a tyre)

Polyair Kits include air hoses

Polyair provides years of trouble free service

Polyair lets you tailor your ride to your personal comfort by increasing or decreasing air pressure
Polyair stand by their 12 months/20,000km warranty

Polyair Kits are noted for their outstanding wearing characteristics in desert hot to sub-zero temperature extremes and are made of a highly durable space age urethane material.

This video below will show you the difference it makes to these vehicles.

Tips for Polyair Leaf Springs:

  • Stands or Jacks should be placed under differential housing so that dimensional relationship between vehicle chassis and leaf springs remains unaffected.
  • A correctly attached chassis bracket has no stress on the attaching screws.
  • Kits are to be fitted not more than 40mm and not less than 20mm in front of or behind the differentials housing and usually fitting instructions specify the correct location.
  • Clearance from any obstructions should be a MINIMUM of 20mm (exhaust pipes 60mm at all times.)

Tips for Polyair Coil Springs:

  • Most bags can be fitted between the lowest coil opening when the suspension is fully extended. Additional clearance between the coil may be obtained by removing lower shock absorber mountings and lowering suspension 30-50mm
  • Bag should be a reasonable snug fit in the coil, however tolerance of + 6mm is common.
  • CAUTION: Observe tension on brake hose, DO NOT STRAIN
  • Ensure that exhaust tail pipe is 60mm from Polyair Bag. If necessary loosen clamps and rotate or move to obtain additional clearance.

General Maintenance Tips

After fitting kits and / or extension leads inflate air bags to 175 KPa / 25 lbs and test for air leaks by applying a liquid soapy solution to all valve cores, fittings and connections.

CAUTION: Do not inflate air springs while vehicle is on frame hoist. Vehicle must be standing on its wheels before bags are inflated.