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For all your truck suspension & 4WD suspension parts and service requirements, Spicers Springs (Aust) is your one stop shop for quality brands and great advice on all your suspension needs.

As part of the Suspension Specialist network, we have over 80 years of experience improving the performance and safety of your car, truck or 4WD. Does your vehicle pull to one side, have uneven tyre wear, noises or vibrations while driving? Our free truck & 4×4 suspension check will diagnose any problems and greatly improve the performance, safety and ride quality of your car.

Do you want to raise your 4WD, carry extra load, improve the handling of your sports car or simply to lower your pride and joy to enhance it’s on road look?

Does your Truck or Motor home suffer weight carrying or load distribution issues or suffer from general suspension fatigue?

We have a full range of truck suspension, 4WD suspension parts and car suspension components in stock including springs, shock absorbers, coil over suspension kits, steering and front end replacement parts, suspension bushes, air bags, swaybars and wheel alignment correction products and along with our full in house resetting and repair work shop we can cater for any job big or small.

Based in Knoxfield, Melbourne, we ship Australia-wide.

Latest Development for Toyota Hiace Suspension

SOLUTION: This ‘Reinforced Leaf Spring’ is capable of carrying huge loads, eliminating the undesirable impact on comfort and road handling, and can make your work vehicle drive, and work EVEN BETTER!

For decades now the Toyota Hiace has been the van choice of many businesses as their field operations vehicle. Plumbers, electricians, mechanics, technicians ……
basically any service based vehicle that needs to carry tools and equipment to the worksite.

Sometimes the vehicle custodians desire to carry all the gear that “might” be needed on a job increases the total load the vehicle constantly carries and this affects the ride and stability of the vehicle over time.

Here’s the solution.

We have developed a leaf spring capable of carrying those big constant loads so the vehicle does not “bump out” and can retain the stability it was intended to have. Also available is an upgraded front torsion bar set as often some of the load is transferred to the front suspension.

If driver comfort and improved handling is your concern …… give us a call and we will make your work vehicle….work better.


Japanese Truck Suspension

Here at Spicers we regularly hear from drivers of Japanese trucks to do with the problems they have with the truck’s suspension.

They typically say, “It’s too rough a ride” or “It throws me around in the cabin every time I hit a bump or a dip”.


How to Strengthen Springs in 


So many businesses and families are choosing the new 4wd as their first choice of vehicle because they are so versatile and can perform many tasks.

Unfortunately when the load you wish your vehicle to carry becomes significant that comfortable suspension is left lacking.

This is how we have strengthened the suspension in this vehicle so the driver could carry his load and with extra comfort. View Video below in a step by step solution…


Polyair Red Bags for Coil Spring Installation

Polyair Red Bags for coil springs were fitted to this Parado with the goal to reduce bounce

and eliminate sagging when towing a van.


How to Measure Leaf Springs

When you are looking to repair, replace or upgrade your leaf spring suspension, smart suppliers will ask you relevant questions about what suspension you currently have in your vehicle and what you are trying to achieve or address. For example; are you looking for improved load carrying, more height or ground clearance, a smoother, better ride. Or maybe you have a spring that just needs to be identified before any of the above can even be discussed.

Here are some of the things a smart supplier asks to identify your spring and to determine a fix.