Our History

Spicers Springs is a local, family-owned business and always has been.

Owner and manager Brett Spicer is a 4th generation spring maker who learnt his craft from his father Richard Spicer, who learnt from his father, Ernest Spicer Jr, who learnt from his father, Ernest Spicer Sr!

Brett began working with his father in 1985, and after many years working the factory floor learning every single detail of the spring and suspension industry from the ground up. Once Brett knew every aspect of the business back-to-front, Richard began giving him more responsibilities, which gave Brett valuable experience in running the company.

With his father’s blessing, Brett and his wife Creina started Spicer & Dowling in 1996. In 2000 when Richard retired, Brett took on the name Spicer’s Springs and continued to uphold the family traditions of impeccable customer service and masterwork craftsmanship.

In 2012, Sean Spicer joined the business, bringing us up to our 5th Generation! Sean is learning about the spring industry in the same way his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather did, learning all aspects of the business from the ground up. Sean is currently specialising in GVM upgrades.

We get a kick out of the fact that some of our customer’s great-great-grandfathers came to ours for springs and suspension, and now their descendants are still coming to us. If that doesn’t qualify as customer satisfaction, we don’t know what does!

If you have any questions about the business, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff today!